Mission – Vision – Quality


To provide sustainable and quality health care focused on patient safety in the national and international arena without compromising medical and ethical rules.


To be a leading health institution in Turkey and internationally with our qualified staff and competent employees who attach importance to medical, ethical and scientific values, and to successfully spread the customer satisfaction-oriented health service to the society.


  • To protect the rights of patients and their relatives.
  • To ensure patient and employee satisfaction.
  • Health care at international level; to present with competent staff.
  • To be a pioneer in scientific research by using modern technology.
  • Working without compromising scientific, conscientious and ethical principles
  • To aim for continuous measurement and improvement with the participation of all employees.
  • To provide quality health services that adopt and implement the Istanbul Surgical Hospital quality management system in medical service processes, continuously improve its effectiveness, cooperate at national and international level.


  • To develop and maintain the quality culture of our hospital,
  • To follow up the national and international quality standards practices in our hospital.


  • We carry out all our processes within the framework of Quality Standards in Health and ensure the coordination of necessary studies.
  • We ensure that the documentation structure is created by reviewing all processes in accordance with Health Quality Standards and legislation.
  • We follow the work towards corporate goals and objectives.
  • We systematically manage our continuous improvement activities by making our self-assessment.
  • We manage the notification and follow-up of all events that threaten patient and employee safety with the Safety Reporting System.
  • We manage the studies aimed at measuring patient and employee satisfaction (such as survey applications, evaluation of survey results, improvement studies on survey results, patient and employee feedback…).
  • We manage processes for quality performance indicators.
  • We evaluate supplier services.
  • We coordinate the work of the board, committee and council.
  • We plan and organize emergency code drills.
  • We manage in-hospital quality audits.
  • We manage the processes for risk management and building tour inspections in facility security.
  • We follow corrective and preventive actions.
  • We ensure that annual department quality and strategic targets are determined and followed.
  • We carry out the Quality Performance and Improvement Process.
  • We provide monthly control of open and closed patient files and analyze the data.
  • We carry out the work of following the updated standards and their integration into the existing system.
  • We provide quality compliance and in-service trainings.


  • Human Understanding First
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Patient Focused
  • Full Participation