Patient Rights and Visiting Policy

Patient rights

As we all know, the greatest value we have is our health. Health services cannot be compromised from the rights and responsibilities of individuals due to their vital importance.

We believe that every individual living in society has rights that must be respected, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, social, physical or mental status. As long as we respect these rights and responsibilities, we can contribute to the formation of a healthy and happy environment. All the rights of all patients and their relatives who apply to our hospital during the period they receive service from our hospital will be respected and will be expected to fulfill the determined responsibilities.

Patient Rights has been prepared to inform you, our esteemed patients and their relatives, about their rights and responsibilities. Thank you for choosing us and giving us the chance to serve you.

Rights of Patients and Their Relatives

Every individual who applies to our hospital for diagnosis and treatment can always claim the rights adopted and written by our hospital staff. All patients and their relatives who enter from any point of our hospital are trained on ‘Rights and Responsibilities of Patients and Their Relatives’.

Right to Benefit from Services

All our patients who apply to our hospital have the right to benefit from all our services, regardless of their thoughts and social characteristics.

Our patients have the right to choose their doctor and/or health institution and change it at any stage of the treatment. If our patients make a written request, all records are immediately sent to the requested person or institution.

Health officials in our hospital and/or other contracted institutions cannot diagnose and treat our patients that are contrary to medical ethics, rules and principles, or that are deceptive.

Our patients have the right to act within the framework of the laws and regulations of the country in applications such as organ transplantation or experimental research.

Our patients have the right to receive free information about preventive health services from the services provided by our hospital, if they wish.

Our patients have the right to demand that their pain be relieved. All of our patients have the right to ask for their pain to be evaluated and treated, and to receive information about the causes of pain and treatment methods.