General Surgery

General Surgery

Istanbul Surgery Hospital General Surgery Clinic provides a wide range of services from cancer to obesity surgery. In our clinic, in addition to traditional open surgeries, minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries are performed by our experienced surgeons using modern technological tools.

Services Provided in the General Surgery Clinic

· Esophagus (esophagus) Diseases,

Diagnosis and Treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Ph monitoring)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Stomach Diseases

Obesity Surgery (Intragastric Balloon Applications, Bariatric Surgery Operations)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Small and Large Intestine Diseases

Liver and Bile Tract Diseases

Diagnosis and Treatment of Pancreas and Spleen Diseases

Inguinal and Anterior Abdominal Wall Hernia Treatment (Laparoscopic and open methods)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Diseases

Endocrine System Diseases (Thyroid gland and adrenal gland diseases)

Anal Region Diseases

  • Anal Fissure
  • Perianal Fistula
  • Hemorrhoidal Disease (Open surgery, stapled hemorrhoidopexy (longo surgery), colonoscopic band ligation, laser hemorrhoid treatment)

Pilonidal Sinus (hair regrowth) (surgery, phenol application)

Laparoscopic Surgery (Minimally Invasive Surgery)
In addition to gall bladder, appendicitis, inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, gastric hernia (reflux) surgeries with Laparoscopic Surgery, obesity, large intestine (colon), adrenal gland, liver, pancreas and spleen surgeries that require advanced laparoscopic surgery experience is successfully implemented. In laparoscopic surgery, since there is no major surgical incision, the aesthetic result is good and the postoperative pain is minimal. Patients can return to their daily lives in a very short time.

Bariatric Surgery
Obesity is one of the biggest health problems worldwide, especially in western societies. In many scientific studies, obesity has been shown as the most important cause of many diseases that increase mortality and morbidity. The main purpose of obesity surgery is to prevent the development of diseases (DM, cardiovascular diseases, sleep apnea syndrome, etc.) caused by obesity, as well as losing weight. If diseases have arisen, it is to treat these diseases.

Endoscopy Unit
Today, the most sensitive method used in the diagnosis of diseases of hollow organs (esophagus, stomach, duodenum, large intestine) is endoscopy. Endoscopy can be used for diagnosis as well as for treatment.

In the Endoscopy Unit of our hospital, gastroscopy, colonoscopy and ERCP (clearing bile duct stones) procedures and therapeutic endoscopic interventions (dilation in esophageal stenosis, stent application in cancers, insertion of feeding tubes, stopping bleeding) are easily performed using digital imaging technology.

With the special sterilization unit, the risk of contamination that may occur in endoscopic applications is eliminated and the endoscopy procedure is ensured to be safer.

Capsule Endoscopy
It is an imaging method using a small wireless camera to take pictures of the digestive system. Traditionally, Endoscopy allows viewing of the stomach, duodenum, large intestine and part of the small intestine with a thin flexible instrument with a light camera at the end, advanced through the mouth or anus. In the capsule endoscopy method; The procedure begins with swallowing a capsule the size of a vitamin capsule, accompanied by water, this method allows the monitoring of areas that cannot be visualized by traditional endoscopic methods.

Capsule Endoscopy is also used to detect colon polyps in colonoscopies that cannot be performed or completed for certain reasons.

Reflux Surgery Center
Reflux is defined as a serious ailment that typically manifests itself with the complaints of bitter water in the mouth and burning in the stomach, affecting approximately 40% of the population, and can cause throat, nasal, lung problems and even permanent problems such as asthma. Untreated reflux disease leads to many diseases, including cancer. Therefore, Istanbul Surgical Hospital Reflux Surgery Center includes technology and methods related to the diagnosis and treatment of reflux disease.

Endocrine Surgery
Diagnosis and treatment of neuroendocrine diseases of thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal gland and pancreas are performed using modern technological tools in our clinic.

Breast Surgery
Breast cancer is the most common life-threatening cancer among women worldwide and is the leading cause of cancer death in women. For this reason, regular examinations for breast cancer are recommended at the Istanbul Surgery Hospital Breast Clinic. Self-examination by women is also of great importance for early diagnosis.

Every woman between the ages of 20-25 should do a self-examination every month, every woman between the ages of 30-40 should have a breast exam, have an ultrasound and mammography, and every woman over the age of 40 should have an annual doctor’s examination and mammography.

Today, the priority in the treatment of breast cancer is the treatment methods and applications aimed at protecting the breast. In the advanced stage, breast reconstruction is considered in cases where the entire breast must be removed. With breast repair, the lost breast is restored to its natural state. Thanks to modern techniques and experienced surgeons, Istanbul Surgery Hospital can create a breast very close to nature.