Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Istanbul Surgical Emergency Service Department is on duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Every patient who applies to our hospital urgently is first taken to a suitable care area and an emergency preliminary examination is made by our responsible specialist doctor. After the rescuing medical intervention is applied immediately, if necessary, the relevant branch specialist is contacted and he is provided to come to the emergency room without losing time. Thus, both the urgent needs of each patient are met, and the tests and treatments that can be planned later are immediately started under the control of the branch specialist.

Integration and close patient follow-up in emergency services prevent medical errors and misunderstandings. Our emergency service, which was established with this awareness and acts sensitive to the personal needs of the patient, works in full coordination with all branches and the care-follow-up processes are standardized together.

In our emergency department, which is served by using medical devices, 24-hour specialist examination is provided with all analysis and radiological examination service reports. The fact that the operating room, intensive care, imaging and laboratory units are always ready and easily accessible enables us to examine and treat all types of patients in our emergency department.

Technical Equipment
Our emergency imaging unit has been placed in the emergency room in order to prevent loss of time in imaging. Intensive services provided to severely ill patients are carried out in parallel with our 6-bed intensive care unit in an integrated environment.

All applied tests are carried out under the certified quality of e-lab laboratories. The emergency laboratory also provides integrated service on the same floor with the intensive care unit.