All joint diseases related to locomotor system, inflammatory rheumatisms and mechanic problems of spine (neck, back, lower back) are diagnosed and treated with multi-disciplinary approach at Rheumatology Clinic of İstanbul Cerrahi Hospital.

Spinal and articular diseases (occupational diseases) secondary to technological advancements, sports injuries and age-related arthritis, osteoporosis as well as inflammatory joint diseases, which are known as inflammatory rheumatism, are diagnosed and treated at Rheumatology clinic.

Inflammatory joint diseases (inflammatory rheumatisms) are not usually noticed and patient faces with physical and social handicaps, since the condition is usually missed and diagnosed late. Therefore, appropriate treatment and early diagnosis play an important role to prevent such diseases, which lead to physical harm to joint.

In addition to medical treatments of joint diseases, rheumatology clinic includes;

  • Division of Hand Diseases, where most advanced treatment and rehabilitation of hand diseases and occupational therapy (ergotherapy) are performed,
  • Department of Physical Medicine, where physiotherapy and rehabilitation are available for sports injuries, spinal diseases and different joint pathologies,
  • Other sub-branches, where spinal diseases are treated only with vertebral manipulation (3D mobilization of vertebra) with no medication therapy.