Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

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The aim of this surgical procedure, called rhinoplasty, is to correct the deformity of the nose. It is possible to perform it together with bone curvature (deviation) surgery that prevents breathing in the nose. In rhinoplasty surgery, which is mostly known as nose reduction, it is sometimes aimed to enlarge the nose.

Who Should Have My Surgery?

Should this surgery be performed by an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialist or plastic surgeon? Nose aesthetic surgery is an operation of the facial aesthetics (Facial Plastic Surgery) branch. ENT specialists make up 60% of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery members. ENT specialist is a head and neck surgeon. The only branch that has nose surgery in its basic education is ENT specialization. Facial Plastic Surgery, as a sub-branch of ENT specialty, is rapidly spreading all over the world. An ENT specialist dealing with Facial Plastic Surgery is equipped to solve this question in the most ideal way. However, you will still make the right decision about choosing your doctor.

Pre-Surgery Interview

Before meeting with your doctor, it will be useful to determine all your problems related to your nose. You may evaluate the aesthetic problem related to your nose differently, and your doctor may evaluate it differently. Therefore, what do you think about the shape of your nose; You should explain in as much detail as possible what you do not like and why you expect it to be. After your doctor knows exactly your approach to the problem and your expectations, he will give you his own opinions and will give you his ideas about the problematic parts of your nose and what needs to be done. If your ideas are in parallel with the doctor, the operation is decided. Determining whether there are breathing problems other than aesthetic problems, runny nose, post-nasal drip and headache will make it possible to solve these health problems together with aesthetic surgery. In this surgery, acting together with your doctor and the right communication will relieve both you and your doctor. If a good preliminary discussion is not made between the patient and the physician, the surgery performed for the aesthetic problem may create results that will not make the patient happy. While very large defects can be surgically corrected for you, sometimes with a simple operation, a very small detail can sometimes be corrected with a difficult surgery.

What is the Purpose of the Surgery?

The aim of rhinoplasty is to make the most suitable nose for your face. The thickness of your skin, the thickness and structure of the existing cartilages, your wound healing potential and the success rate of previous nose surgeries affect your success. The goal is not to make a disinterested nose on your face. Therefore, making the most beautiful nose alone will not solve the problems. Making the most suitable nose for your face is considered the most successful result. While some parts of the nose are reduced, some parts are enlarged to provide a good looking nose on the face. A nose suitable for the face shape is aimed, where the nostrils are not overly visible, the bony roof is not lost, and does not give the impression of surgery.


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