Curious about Eye Examination, Diseases and Surgery!

Curious about Eye Examination, Diseases and Surgery!

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How often should eye examination be done?
Newborn eye examination is very important especially in premature births in terms of retinopathy of prematurity, postnatal routine examination is valuable for the detection of cataract, refractive error, retinal problem, glaucoma in the baby, then pre-school and annual follow-ups are made at the age of 2 years.

How should an eye examination be done?
First of all, the patient should rest well, systemic diseases, family history, medications used, if any, allergies, occupation and hobbies should be questioned, lids, eye muscles, vision, refractive errors, anterior and posterior segment examinations should be done with or without drops, and the patient should be informed clearly. Eye pressure must be measured.

How should the inspection be done to correct the refractive errors?
First of all, the patient must have completed the age of 18, as a result of the examination with cycloplegic drops, the patient should not increase in number for one year in order to be lasered. should be shown how to see after and after surgery. If myopic patients are over the age of 45, it should be explained that they will need close glasses after Lasik, the dominant eye should be determined and if the patient wishes, monovision can be applied to the non-dominant eye to support close vision.

When should a contact lens patient remove their lens?
Patients should remove the soft lens 1 week before the eye examination and surgery and use glasses.

Are there any obstacles to the laser?
Some systemic diseases, previous corneal injuries, infections, corneal topography irregularities, keratoconus, dry eye may interfere with the laser, they must be shared with the doctor.

What should be the refractive error values ​​for the laser?
Myopia up to -12.0, hyperopia up to + 7, astigmatism up to 5 can be corrected if other conditions are appropriate.

What are the techniques used?
Can be lasik, lasek and suprakor

How to fix higher numbers?
With the intraocular ICL application, the lens is placed between the iris and the natural lens. The patient should be examined and his measurements taken, and if appropriate, surgery should be planned.

What causes light scattering after laser?
Pupil size measurement is very important before the drop examination, if the laser area is smaller than the pupil size, the patient sees circles around the lights, therefore, people with large pupils should be careful and the laser zone should be as wide as possible and the patient should be asked whether he drives a vehicle.

Are there any restrictions after laser?
It is necessary to avoid rubbing the eyes, wearing make-up, not swimming in the pool and avoiding trauma for a week. After Lasik, the patient can go to work the next day, and in 4-5 days after Lasik.

If the number remains after cataract surgery, can it be corrected with laser?
Corneal topography can be performed if corneal thickness and other conditions are appropriate.

What is a smart lens?
It is a term used for promotional purposes, to correct the refractive error of the patient during cataract surgery, a monofocal, multifocal, trifocal lens can be placed into the eye, during which the trifocal (trifocal) lens is meant.

Can cataract surgery be performed to avoid wearing glasses without a cataract?
It can be done, the patient should know that there is no cataract, the surgery is only for refractive correction, and the risks of surgery that may be one in a million.

Can there be a decrease in vision after cataract surgery?
Rarely, there may be posterior capsule thickening, it is opened in the outpatient clinic with a yag laser and if the retina is intact, the vision is restored, it is a short procedure, there is no restriction afterward. The patient who has a complaint of decreased vision after the surgery should definitely undergo a drip examination and it should be investigated whether there is a problem in the retina.

How often are the controls done in laser and cataract surgeries?
It is checked on the first day, first month and sixth month after laser; After cataract, check-ups are made on the first day, first week and first month. The doctor should always be in contact with the patient and always be available.

Can laser surgery be performed on the same day as the examination?
It can be done, sometimes in the treatment of high numbers, the operation can be scheduled for another day so that there is no loss of fixation during the operation.

What should we pay attention to before laser or cataract surgery in people with diabetes?
Preoperative blood sugar should be in balance and normal, there should be no diabetic retinopathy before laser, if there is diabetic maculopathy before cataract, it should be treated first. In very dense cataracts, the retina is not selected, so cataract is performed first. If there are new vessel formations, intraocular injection can be performed before the surgery.

Can cataract surgery be performed on a patient with glaucoma?
The patient’s eye pressure is controlled with medication, cataract surgery is performed, and then followed up until it stabilizes. A decrease in eye pressure is observed after cataract surgery, and if prior glaucoma surgery is considered, it can be performed in the same session. It should be taken into account that the eye drops to be used after cataract surgery will also increase the eye pressure.

Can a lid-related operation be performed during cataract or laser surgery?
No, intraocular or corneal surgeries and lid surgeries cannot be performed in the same session.

If the patient has slippage, is the laser corrected first?
If the eye is suitable one month after the laser, strabismus surgery can be performed.

Does lazy eye get better after laser?
No, the patient sees as much as he sees with glasses and lenses after the laser, and if the vision is at a certain level one month after the laser, lazy eye treatment can be applied.

Can cataract surgery be performed after laser?
It can be done, it is important to reach the patient’s pre- and post-laser examination findings, it should be operated by an experienced surgeon in order to reach the targeted postoperative vision potential without glasses.

Can laser or cataract surgery be performed if there is a retinal tear?
First of all, it is appropriate to surround the tear with argon laser and plan the procedure after 3 weeks. If there is retinal detachment, laser is not applied, it can be done together with cataract detachment surgery.

What are eye emergencies?
Floaters, blurred vision, sudden inability to see, half vision, foreign body in the eye are situations such as. After detailed examinations and tests, the necessary treatment is started. The first hours are very important in terms of applying pressure oxygen therapy in retinal artery occlusions.

What should be considered in the pre-operative information?
Each patient who will undergo surgery is informed about the surgical technique, success, risks, advantages and disadvantages, if any, expectations are discussed and a consent document is signed.

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