Biochemistry Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory

Clinical Laboratories
Clinical Laboratories operating within the body of Istanbul Surgery Hospital; It serves as a Biochemistry Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory and Blood Transfusion Center licensed by the Ministry of Health.

All of the tests under the following headings are being studied in our laboratories.

  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Hematology
  • Immunology
  • Serology
  • Endocrinology and Hormone
  • Allergy
  • Tumor Marker
  • Pharmaceuticals and Toxicology

As Istanbul Surgical Hospital, it is our biggest goal to continue these services by providing you with all laboratory services with 19 years of experience, talent, reliability and technological infrastructure we have gained in the health sector since 1998.

We are very happy to serve you with our 2 specialist physicians, laboratory technicians and other assistant health personnel in the Clinical Laboratory.

Our Service Approach
All quality processes are followed in terms of service and analytical assurance, from the request of the laboratory tests by the physician or the patient to the evaluation and delivery of the results, and patient and doctor satisfaction is ensured.

With this understanding; We are trying to ensure that our laboratory services for diagnosis, follow-up, risk and prognosis are produced with teamwork, patient-oriented, internationally accepted methods and within acceptable error limits.

Our understanding of quality; To provide conditions in accordance with the Ministry of Health Hospital Quality Standards (HKS) and the Ministry of Health Laboratory Regulations, to work under control and supervision on the basis of tests such as internal quality control and external quality control such as BIO-RAD and RIQAS, and to carry out continuous improvement studies, especially within the framework of your suggestions.

In this context, HKS inspections carried out every year by the Ministry of Health and inspections made according to laboratory regulations are successfully passed. In addition, the International Quality Certificate is obtained by participating in external quality programs such as BIO-RAD and RIQAS every year.

Our Laboratory Studies
In our laboratories; Efforts are made not to make analytical errors systematically and to ensure that possible random errors are within acceptable limits, and the results of the tests are evaluated by considering clinical findings and all other auxiliary data. In addition, if requested and clinical findings are shared, our experts contribute to the evaluation of the results.

Our evaluations, which we will make without having the patient’s clinical data and examination findings, are related to the biological value of the tests, their compatibility with each other and the difference from the previous value, if any.

Samples close to the required volume for the desired test are taken in our laboratories, and the remaining sample is stored under suitable conditions for additional testing or test studies, depending on the stability conditions of the test and the sample taken. Samples that have expired in the archive are destroyed in accordance with legal regulations.

Test Information
Although it is in our test guide, you can call our phone line at 444 4 424 regarding additional issues that you would like to receive information about, leave a message at [email protected] at any time of the day and get feedback within 24 hours at the latest.

Evaluation of Test Results
As a general practice, during the evaluation of the test results, the reference range values ​​that have been obtained based on your age and gender group and that are specific to our society are used. The most effective evaluation of test results is possible by comparing the results obtained in the individual’s own healthy period.