Those who want to have a younger and unique appearance with dermacosmetic applications meet at Istanbul Surgery Hospital Dermatology Clinic.

In the Dermatology Clinic, diagnostic and therapeutic services are provided in all skin diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, controlled follow-up and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, diagnosis and treatment of allergic eczema, and surgical interventions when deemed necessary.

In addition to the basic dermatological service, “dermacosmetic” applications are also performed successfully in the clinic.

Major Applications Performed with Modern Technological Methods in the Clinic;

As the age progresses, the amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin begins to decrease and the signs of aging begin to become more pronounced. Fillers are used to fill the collapsed or less prominent tissues on the face. The permanence times of the fillings vary according to their thickness. This period ranges from 8 months to 2 years.


Botox Applications for Cosmetic Purposes

It is a method used to remove wrinkles caused by mimic movements, raise eyebrows, and reduce sagging on the face. This procedure is short-lived and painless. Botox is given under the skin in small amounts with the help of tiny needles in the treated area.

Botox Against Sweating

Botox, with its antiperspirant effect, prevents sweat production from sweat glands by paralyzing the sympathetic nerves that play a role in sweating. After botox application, which temporarily blocks the nerve endings, the effect appears within a few days and continues for 6 to 10 months.

Migraine Botox

Botox applications are included in the treatment of migraine disease with a multidisciplinary approach together with the Neurology Department. Thanks to botox applied in the treatment of chronic migraine, success can be achieved in 70 and 80% of patients. Depending on the patient’s condition, the treatment can be repeated at certain times.

PRP (Stem Cell)

It is one of the most used and most effective methods in recent times. Young cells obtained with stem cell therapy are reintroduced to the skin. It is applied as three sessions with one month intervals. The duration of the treatment is longer than other methods. With stem cell application, approximately 10 years of rejuvenation can be achieved in the skin.

PRP (Platelet / Platelet Enriched Plasma) As a result of the patient’s own blood being processed and given to the patient again, the skin is renewed and glows with health.

PRP application in dermatology is generally applied to the face and scalp. It is effective in regenerating the skin and preventing hair loss. Although positive effects are seen with the first application, permanent results are obtained at the end of all sessions.

Spider Web Method (FTC)

It is one of the most preferred applications of recent times. It is defined as a thread face lift method. Apart from the face, it is also used for sagging arms, neck and abdomen. On the day of the application, an improvement of 15 percent is noticed. The full effect can be seen after three months of application. The application continues to be effective for three years.

Laser Hair Removal (Sapphire Ice Diode)

This laser will cool the skin down to -7 degrees and offer you a painless and comfortable treatment. It gives results in 6 sessions. It is effective on all skin and hair types.

Needle Epilation

The definitive solution for white hairs.

Skin care

It is a procedure performed with special products for every age and every skin type. Not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of health, we need to take care of the cleanliness and care of our skin.

Dermapen Applications

Dermapen provides regeneration of the skin. Operations with Dermapen; It provides removal of acne scars, large pores, wrinkles and blemishes.

Regional Thinning

Regional thinning, recovery and tightening are provided with effective devices.

Hair Mesotherapy

It is the procedure performed by giving the necessary vitamins and minerals to the mesoderm layer of the scalp with special needles. The applied special mixture is spread to the entire scalp via capillaries. In this way, it accelerates circulation, stimulates the hair follicle and stops hair loss.