Ear, Nose, Throat Diseases

Ear, Nose, Throat Diseases

It is aimed to increase the quality of life of the patients with the special approach shown in the Istanbul Surgery Hospital Ear Nose and Throat Diseases Clinic, where ear, nose, throat and related head and neck diseases are treated.

In the clinic, where the most common adenoid, tonsil, middle ear problems, hearing loss problems in children, inflammatory diseases of the ear, nose, throat and neck region, salivary glands, benign and malignant tumoral diseases, congenital cystic diseases are diagnosed and treated with current methods, adult patients are offered treatment. also provides services for all ear, nose and throat diseases.

In the comprehensive laboratory where nasal and sinus diseases are evaluated, nasal breath measurements are made with the ” Rinomanometry ” device , which evaluates whether the nasal breathing is sufficient or not .

Patients who come with hearing problems and dizziness are evaluated and treated in the ” Hearing and Balance Laboratory “.

In addition, allergy skin test (Prick Test) and specific IgE blood tests are performed to determine the allergens causing allergic rhinitis, and the treatment protocol for allergens is arranged together with sublingual vaccine treatments when necessary.

Ear microsurgery and vocal cord microsurgery, endoscopic sinus and nose surgeries,

In addition, ear and nose aesthetic surgeries are applied for prominent ear and nose deformities.

The main goal of the clinic, which adopts the treatment of the patient as a whole, not the disease, is to ensure that the patient leaves healthy and happy by applying the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment methods without harming the patient first.