Aging Begins in the Skin in the 20s

Aging Begins in the Skin in the 20s

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Anti-aging, which also means anti-aging, has become a current issue with the increasing importance of looking beautiful recently. Aging begins in our skin in the 20s. When we look at our mother, one of our elders, we can partially see our own future, the aging state of our skin. Answers to questions such as when did the hair start to turn white, when did the eye circles and skin start to wrinkle, and how deep does it wrinkle? It is wrong to say that ‘the sooner I use anti-aging products, the better’ because one should not wait too long to start care products. After the wrinkles on our skin increase and deepen, longer and even costly treatments may be required.

Lineling, enlargement and sagging of pores, dull skin are skin problems that are frequently experienced after the age of 20. We think that our skin will always remain in its former vitality, but as we age, we begin to experience problems, especially during these transitional periods. By the age of 25, I think that we should be more careful and attentive to our skin, and that every product should not be bought and used without knowing or even testing its content and effects. Cleaning and moisturizing products that should be used by all ages are different. The eye area is one of the most important things to pay attention to because it is the area where we first start to see the signs of aging and live deeply. From our diet to our mimic movements, we need to be careful. We should turn to natural foods and stay away from solid fats, caffeine and fast food. We should focus on fish consumption in terms of skin-friendly Omega3. Apart from the age factor, many external factors such as wearing too much make-up, sleeping with make-up, not using suitable cleansers, and not cleaning the eye area well cause wrinkles. Creams work when lines are thin and delay the effects of aging. Starting to use it at an early age allows us to take preventive measures, so do not choose the method that is known to be misunderstood, the later the better.

The important thing in skin care products should not be to choose expensive products. In particular, we should choose products according to our age and the structure of our skin. When we come to the middle of the 20s, the synthesis of the collagen protein in the structure of the skin begins to slow down. As a result, slight wrinkles and fine lines appear on the skin. This period is called the pre-aging period. At the age of 30, the moisture level of your skin begins to decrease and fine lines on the skin become more pronounced. Dryness in the skin causes the skin color to appear more lifeless. At the age of 30, it is necessary to apply stronger anti-aging applications to your skin. The 40s are the ages when the rate of collagen production in the skin drops a lot. These are the age periods when skin care should be started literally. Now is the time to use anti-aging products.

It is useful to prefer antioxidant-containing products and dermocosmetic products. It is important to decide and explain the skin structure, texture, and expectations of the person, and to make the plan that is suitable for the person’s preferences in anti-aging applications.

Recently, important developments have been recorded in anti-aging. With new technological developments, this field is expanding day by day and new methods are being produced. Especially fibrocell treatment PRP is among the methods we use frequently. Botox, filling applications, spider web treatment and hanging methods are also among the preferred applications.

The purpose of the fibrocell method is based on the principle of producing the fibroblast cells of the skin in tissue cultures outside the body and giving them back to the skin. Fibroblast cells produce collagen, elastic, reticular fibers that provide the strength, elasticity and softness of the skin, on the other hand, they synthesize substances that increase the quality and moisturizing of the skin, such as hyaluronic acid.

Where is the Fibrocell method used?

The fibrocell method is effective in the treatment of sagging on the neck and chin, acne scars, burns and surgical scars, which are caused by the effect of gravity and fat loss, to increase the quality of the skin in the face and décolleté area, to reduce wrinkles, and to people who have lost their vitality as a result of aging, and have porous, dull skin structure.

How is the material to be applied in the fibrocell method obtained?

First, a 2-3 mm diameter piece of tissue is taken from the back of the ear and sent to the laboratory. Fibroblasts purified from this small piece of skin are grown in 3-6 weeks. The newly obtained material is used in the 2nd and 3rd Sessions. After the first application to the skin, production continues in the laboratory. The newly obtained solutions are used in the second and third sessions. First, the area to be treated is numbed with creams. In each application, 20-40 million cells are injected into the skin. The treatment is completed at the end of 3 sessions, which are usually repeated once a month. The first effects appear later than other methods. However, between the 6th and 24th months, the brightness, vitality and a significant decrease in wrinkles appear. As a result, wrinkles and sagging are reduced and a bright and vibrant skin emerges. It has been shown that the obtained improvement can last up to 5 years. First of all, since the fibrocell system is a stem cell method, it is important that it does not carry the risk of allergies, since it is obtained from the person’s own tissue. It does not carry the risk of serious side effects. In addition, it is important that it maintains its effectiveness for a long time (5 years). There is no harm in combining it with other methods

Spider web FTC treatment

Spider web treatment is a non-surgical face lift, rejuvenation and rejuvenation process. The fine lines that form over time due to gravity and advancing age, also begin to deepen due to unhealthy diet and frequent weight gain and loss. This whole process causes not only the formation of lines, especially in the face area, but also the sagging of the cheeks and jowl, and the gradual ovalization of the face. You begin to understand the change in your face much more clearly by looking at old pictures. At this point, Spider Web Technique is an alternative to plastic surgery, non-surgical facial rejuvenation application, and it helps to solve possible problems on your skin. The application is the hanging process by placing absorbable threads of certain thickness under the skin under local anesthesia. Its effect starts in 1 month, The approximate effect lasts up to 3 years. It is a comfortable procedure that can be applied easily without complications. The person can continue with his daily life.

Salmon DNA Youth Vaccine

Studies on aging and skin changes due to aging have revealed that the main causes of these changes are the decreased proteins in the skin. Again, according to scientific studies, it has been proven that the best source that can complete the protein depleted in the skin is salmon DNA. Because of its similarity to human DNA and this feature, salmon is used for skin regeneration, rejuvenation and anti-aging effect. The method, in which age is not important as the application criterion, can also be applied to a 20-year-old youth. In order to apply the method, it is necessary to analyze with a 3D subcutaneous analyzer. By examining the data obtained in the analysis, it is decided whether the person needs this method or how long it will be applied.

Salmon DNA youth vaccine applications are one of the methods we have used quite frequently in recent years. In the moisturizing process, the moisture balance lost by the skin is regulated by the hyaluronic acid treatment and the infrastructure of the skin is prepared for the actual treatment. After this stage, which lasts for about 2 weeks, the second stage, which provides the actual rejuvenation, starts. At this stage, a serum obtained from the milk of salmon is injected subcutaneously. With this application, the proteins that the skin needs but cannot be supplied due to negative factors such as aging, excessive UV rays, smoking and alcohol are completed. As a result of the completion of these proteins, the skin is rejuvenated during the day.

Salmon DNA given under the skin with mesotherapy method to prevent and correct wrinkles in the eye area, lip line, forehead area due to unhealthy lifestyle, malnutrition, cigarette smoke, sun rays and old age, deterioration of moisture balance of the skin and succumbing to gravity. It helps the skin regain its vitality. Revitalized and refreshed skin will cause people to look younger. As one of the most effective anti-aging applications, this method adds a different moisture to the skin, its effect lasts longer. In addition to these, we can also use salmon DNA therapy in the solution of body cracks caused by rapid weight gain and loss.

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