Teach Babies to Sleep Step by Step

Teach Babies to Sleep Step by Step

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When some babies come home right after birth, they dominate the entire household and get what they want, while others become obedient babies. Again, there are some babies that; He does not keep his mothers awake at night, he sleeps during the day and wants to play at night. The poor mother suffers from insomnia, she is tired.

From the moment your baby is born, you want the best for him. Maybe that’s why the sleepless nights you spend in the first days don’t matter to you at all. But how long will you last at this pace! It must not be pleasant to wake up from your sweet sleep in the middle of the night for weeks or even months. You may ask your spouse for help from time to time at night, but he pulls the quilt over his head and falls into a deeper sleep. You’ve forgotten what it feels like to get out of bed feeling rested and well!

If you want to give your baby a regular sleep habit; First of all, you have to decide. You will be patient, and you will think that as a result of these actions, you will give your baby a sleep habit. Babies get the habit of sleeping on their own between 3-4 months if they are allowed. Of course, this is true if you don’t get him used to a wrong sleep pattern that will last for years. Especially if your baby has passed these months and you are still a night owl, you should immediately start the sleep habit program and studies.


Build a New Order
Many babies’ days and nights get mixed up due to long hours of nap time. Thus, the baby prefers to play at an hour when he should be asleep. Now it’s time to fix this situation! Recent research reveals that babies can distinguish between day and night. All you have to do is give him the necessary hints.
Starting tomorrow, wake him up early in the morning and make sure to wake him up at the same time every day. Put your bed near the window and leave the curtains ajar. Daylight will help him wake up. Wake him up before dark, even when he’s taking a nap. Thus, he will understand that he has to wake up in the daylight and sleep at night. Put your baby to bed at the same time in the evening. Read or sing to him in dim light if necessary.


Continue Practice Continue
with the routine program you started yesterday. Be patient. Remember that he may continue to cry at night because he is hungry. When you have to breastfeed or feed him, do so in a slightly dark environment. Observe what comforts your baby, especially at night. Keep in mind that a warm bath can be calming for one child and vice versa for another. Introduce routine habits such as listening to music when you go to bed at night.


Crying Begins
Crying is the biggest weapon of children! It’s something that parents can’t stand. However, be patient and say this to yourself. “The result will be sleep!” Don’t worry about her crying while trying to put her to sleep. Let him get used to the sleeping rules you set. Program changes upset children under 6 months much more. Your baby will cry for a maximum of 15-20 minutes, but bad sleep habits can last for years. Remember, this is a war between you and your child. Don’t bother with him, but check him out from the doorway every 5-10 minutes to satisfy your own curiosity. Don’t turn on the lights, get him out of bed, or give him a bottle to shut him up, or make sure he’ll cry for minutes the next night as well.


The Crying War Continues
Last night took quite a long time, didn’t it? But tonight will be a little more comfortable. But know that he will still continue to cry. But this time it will be shorter, believe us. For this, you have to prove to him that your rules are firm. Keep being patient. Don’t make him feel like you’re being soft with him. Otherwise, he will cry 2 times more than last night. Don’t give up.

Your Baby Calms Down

Most babies get used to this program within 3-5 days. So maybe tonight is your lucky night! Don’t check on him every 5 minutes, come to his room at least every 15 minutes. Some babies are uncomfortable with frequent entrance to the room. So watch him through the doorway. And remember, she’s crying less tonight.

Night feeding and changing diapers are among the most common sleep problems. Of course, we are not telling you not to do these things, but make sure it is as short and quiet as possible. Never turn on the lights, even when changing the diaper. Do not breastfeed more than necessary. Thus, you will not disturb him and you will not have to change his diaper again!

Your Baby Is Sleeping!

Sounds like a miracle doesn’t it? Do not spoil this happiness by shelving the rules you have been applying for days. Don’t check him often by finding it awkward to sleep, Relax!
Dress him in warm pajamas. So you don’t have to worry about him revealing the top. Turn the baby monitor down and only hear it when it needs it most. Be careful not to engage in behavior that will cloud your success.

DAY 7 It’s Your Turn to

Do yourself a favor and take a deep sleep tonight. Maybe you’ve been sleep deprived for the last 6 days, but it was worth it, wasn’t it? You have given your child a wonderful gift: the habit of regular sleep. There is no doubt that this program will be disrupted from time to time due to factors such as illness, hotel room on vacation. However, remember that even babies who have never had a sleep problem cause problems in these situations. If the sleep problem reoccurs, re-execute the plan from the beginning, the second time will be much easier than the first.


This period may be a little longer in some babies, but when applied with determination, the results can be quite satisfactory.

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