You May Have Congenital Cataracts

You May Have Congenital Cataracts

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What is cataract, in whom does it occur?

Cataract is the loss of transparency of the lens in the eye as a result of some congenital metabolic diseases or aging. When the lens in the eye loses its transparency, the patient cannot see outside, and the doctor cannot see inside the patient’s eye. Cataracts can be congenital. Congenital cataract is a very serious and dangerous condition. If a baby is born with a cataract and it is too intense, a lazy eye will occur instantly. Therefore, babies should be examined after birth. Premature births should also be examined in terms of retina. If there is a cataract, it is taken into surgery; Diabetes is a risk factor for cataracts. Cataracts develop earlier and faster in those with diabetes. Cataract develops with the use of cortisone. It accelerates the emergence of cataracts in some metabolic diseases.

When should cataract disease be operated?

In babies, surgery should be performed at the earliest age, but it should be waited until around the age of 3 for the lens placed in the eye. Because if the lens is attached early, refractive errors will occur in the future, as the child completes his development. Therefore, if there is an intense cataract in children, we recommend it to be done early. Today, the time of the cataract surgery in the elderly is determined by a little patient. In the past, when the patients lost their vision, even if the vision decreased by 30 percent due to cataract, the comfort of the patient may deteriorate and he may not be able to perform his profession in a healthy way. If the patient is a driver or a pilot, surgery can be performed earlier. Normally, 30 percent or 20 percent vision loss can disturb the patient. The time of surgery depends on the intensity of the cataract and depends on the patient’s professional functions or private life,

How does the operation process and post-surgery take place? What should patients pay attention to?

The operation process is not very long. In surgeries performed by professional teams, the preparation process is fast, the patient’s examination is already ready, his measurements are ready, he is taken to the operating room. An operation that takes 10-15 minutes is cataract surgery. There are drops that should be used after the surgery, too, 1 week more intense, then they are reduced and tears, antibiotic drops, etc. can be used. drops can be used. Patients should definitely tell their doctor about their medications before surgery. If they are using blood thinners, they should consult their doctors for whatever reason, they should stop the blood thinners a certain day in advance or use short-term blood thinners. People with diabetes need to watch their sugar. Sugar should be under 200. It should be under the control of a diabetes doctor. Their blood pressure needs to be regulated with medication. We do not have great preparations before the operation, only systemic diseases need to be controlled. If there is a heart disease, if there is a blood pressure arrhythmia, these should be under the control of a cardiologist. Since the operation time is very short, patients who can lie down for 10-15 minutes can have surgery. However, if necessary, we can perform general anesthesia for our disabled patients and patients with mental problems such as Alzheimer’s, and if necessary, we can take them into surgery by calming them with sedation. It is a very short-term surgery for an experienced physician. But of course the responsibility is huge. As a team, we take responsibility for this and act very carefully in every matter. On sterilization, during and after the operating room…

Which lenses are preferred in the treatment?

Lenses are classical lenses, far-near lenses, and astigmatic lenses. According to the patient’s refractive error, a lens with normal astigmatism may be preferred. Or, if the patient does not want to use close glasses, multifocal or trifocal lenses can be preferred. The patient can see far and near in the multifocal lens, there are new generation lenses. In these, they can see far, close and intermediate distances more clearly and efficiently.

How to decide on cataract surgery in people with diabetes and eye pressure?

Diabetic patients should first have their diabetes regulated and they should not have an active diabetic retinopathy in eye examinations and retinal examination behind the eye. Or they must have a treated diabetic retinopathy. Because pre-existing diabetic retinopathy may accelerate after surgery. For this reason, first of all, eye examination, retina is examined, and if the patient has diabetic retinopathy, it is treated. After that, cataract surgery is performed. Except for emergencies of course. If necessary, cataract and eye pressure surgeries can be combined in people with eye pressure. If patients are regulated in terms of eye pressure, cataract surgery is planned first. After cataract surgery, some patients also have a decrease in eye pressure problems. With a single drop If it will be carried out with two drops, only cataract surgery can be preferred. In patients who require more than one drop, it can be performed in combined surgeries in a planned manner, considering the optic nerve condition and eye pressure at the beginning.

What are the success rates and technological developments in cataract treatment?

We can say that the success rate in cataract treatment is very high, close to 100%, but it is always because it is an intraocular surgery. We should not forget that there are some risks like any surgery. For this reason, we must take our measures very strictly, we must know our responsibility very well. Of course, technological developments have a place in cataract surgery. We perform cataract surgery with the phacoemulsification technique. With the development of such devices, cataract surgery becomes an easier surgery. However, when the surgery is performed very easily, when a problem develops, experienced doctors can handle this problem very easily, while only those who use new technology may have difficulties.

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