An Insidious Disease Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)

An Insidious Disease Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)

2022-05-20 07:49:32/ Kategori : Eye health

We are talking about a disease that is very common since the forties. Think of the people over the age of forty that you meet in the street, in the cinema, in the restaurant, in short. Two out of 100 of these people have this disease, and the vast majority are not aware of it. And if this disease is not diagnosed and treated, it is certain that all of them will experience serious vision loss within a period of 10 years.

PRIMARY OPEN-ANGLE glaucoma or more commonly known as EYE TENSION. The most important feature of the disease is that it insidiously harms your eyes without causing any complaints. It is not possible for you to understand that it started and the damage it caused in the early period. It can only be diagnosed with regular eye exams.

Apart from high eye pressure and age, the most important risk factor for the disease is genetic predisposition. Those who have eye pressure disease in their first degree relatives are at 10-15 times higher risk. Apart from this, myopia, thin cornea, systemic vascular diseases, low body blood pressure, migraine can be counted among the important risk factors.

The upper normal limit of eye pressure is around 19-20 mmHg. With age, obstructions occur in the outflow tract of intraocular fluid and blood pressure rises. This situation begins to cause damage to the optic nerve, which provides communication between the eye and the visual center in the brain. The damage progresses slowly and insidiously and results in blindness if no action is taken.

The important thing is to detect the presence of the disease. If it is treated with scientific methods and followed at appropriate intervals, there is nothing to fear. That’s why everyone from the age of 40 should undergo a regular eye examination at least once a year.

Let’s finish as we started: Don’t be a victim of this insidious disease.

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