GAPS Treatment

GAPS Treatment

2022-05-20 07:38:41/ Kategori : Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine), Nutrition and Diet

GAPS Treatment Method in Istanbul Surgery Hospital; It covers nutrition-oriented, supportive therapies to re-establish a healthy intestinal tissue instead of a sick intestine.

In other words, GAPS is to transform the diseased intestinal tissue, which turns into an organ that produces toxins and poisons the body, into an organ that nourishes the body.

So how is this done? By rebalancing the intestinal flora, which covers the inner surface of the intestines like a carpet and whose balance is disturbed…

In other words, we aim to increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine to a higher level than the number of disease-causing microorganisms.

Another very important issue is; Closing the holes in the intestinal wall, which causes the disease called leaky gut syndrome, is the repair of the damaged wall.

In order to achieve this, treatment is planned for intestinal/damaged organ repairs while detoxifying and excretion of heavy metals. Damages in the body, deficiencies, indigestible foods are determined and nutritional planning is made for many psychological and physiological diseases along with treatment.

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