Curiosities about Early-Onset Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Disease

Curiosities about Early-Onset Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Disease

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Prevention of Early Onset Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Disease

It is the most common cause of serious early-onset infections in the neonatal period, especially in the first seven days. However, measures to prevent this disease are still controversial.

Should all pregnant women be offered GBS screening?

Routine GBS screening is not recommended for all pregnant women.

Should Prenatal Treatment Be Recommended When It Is Incidentally Detected During Early Pregnancy?

When detected in early pregnancy, treatment with penicillin group drugs is not recommended routinely.

Should Women with GBS Detected in a Previous Pregnancy Be Screened Again or Get Treatment During Pregnancy?

Current scientific data do not support these women to receive antibiotic treatment during pregnancy or to be screened again for GBS.

If GBS is Detected in Urine Test or Vaginal Culture During Pregnancy, how should it be treated?

When GBS bacteriuria is detected in the current pregnancy period, appropriate antibiotic therapy should be given.

How Should Women Who Are Known To Have GBS Colonization And Will Have A Planned Cesarean Section To Be Treated?

If labor has not started and there is no water flow, appropriate prenatal prophylactic antibiotic treatment is not necessary.

Appropriate antibiotic treatment should be planned for women who have started labor or whose waters come before the 37th week of pregnancy.

How Should Women with GBS Colonization or Clinical Chorioamnionitis be Treated?

If chorioamnionitis is suspected, broad-spectrum antibiotics effective against GBS should be started immediately, regardless of the gestational week, and initiation of labor should be considered.

How should women in preterm labor be managed?

Routine antibiotic prophylaxis is not recommended if there is no GBS colonization in women in preterm labor but without hydration, but appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis should be applied in women with known GBS colonization.

How should the management be in case of clinical risk factors such as fever during labor?

If there is a fever of 38 degrees or more during labor, antibiotic prophylaxis suitable for broad-spectrum GBS should be started.

How should women with a history of neonatal GBS be treated in their current pregnancy?

All women with a history of neonatal GBS should receive appropriate antibiotic therapy in their current pregnancy.

Which Antibiotics Should Be Used to Prevent Early Onset Neonatal GBS?

Benzathylpenicillin group antibiotics should be administered from the onset of labor until the end of labor.

Clindamycin-derived antibiotics should be used in women with penicillin allergy.

Should Vaginal Cleaning Be Performed During Birth?

There is no scientific evidence to support that vaginal cleansing during labor reduces the risk of Neonatal GBS disease.

How Should a Healthy Newborn at Risk for Early-Onset Neonatal GBS be Monitored?

The general condition, nutrition, heart rate, respiratory rate and fever of the healthy newborn should be followed for at least 24 hours after birth.

Should Antibiotic Prophylaxis Be Started for Newborns in Low Risk Group for Early-Onset Neonatal GBS?

Prophylactic antibiotic therapy is not recommended for newborns who have no complaints and no known risk factors during pregnancy.

How should a healthy newborn with one or more risk factors be treated?

There is no scientific data to support treating a healthy newborn with one or more risk factors.

How should a newborn with early-onset neonatal GBS symptoms be treated?

Treatment should be started promptly with appropriate antibiotics.

How to Treat a Newborn Baby of a Mother with a History of Neonatal GBS in a Previous Pregnancy?

After birth, he should be examined for early-onset neonatal GBS, kept under observation in the hospital for 24 hours, blood cultures taken and treated with benzathylpenicillin-derived drugs until culture results are obtained.

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