How Should a Healthy New Year’s Table Be?

How Should a Healthy New Year’s Table Be?

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‘It is a hope that keeps people alive.’ It’s time to welcome the new year with hope! Making new decisions, changing our habits that harm us, being able to say ‘no’ when appropriate, making future plans to live the life we ​​want… Since health is the most important thing for them, it’s time to change your eating habits and meet healthy foods! It’s 2019, still trying to lose weight by starving? Dieting does not mean tasteless unsalted meals or starvation. Eating is a social behavior. On special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas and wedding anniversaries, the first question that comes to our mind is what to eat. It is possible to eat both healthy and delicious. ‘New year, new resolutions!’ It’s time to take action with the motto!

What should we pay attention to at a healthy New Year’s table?

Resveratrol is found in wine, red grapes, and blueberries. It stabilizes blood sugar and increases insulin sensitivity. Thus, it has a protective effect against diabetes. It helps to lower blood pressure. For some people, alcohol is an integral part of celebrations. However, it should not be forgotten that they contain high calories. Our body sees alcohol as a toxic substance and uses it as energy. However, the fact that the priority of the consumed energy comes from alcohol causes the other foods we eat to be stored as fat. For this reason, when you are going to consume alcohol by limiting its consumption without being away from the social environment, red wine rich in antioxidants will be a good choice. You can choose 1-2 glasses of wine on special evenings. (1 measure of raki = 3 measures of wine) Consuming alcohol on an empty stomach causes more fat in the abdomen. Eat a protein-based diet when you drink alcohol, the healthiest is to consume it with fish and salad. In order to reduce the edema (water retention, bloating) complaint that alcohol will cause the next day, you should consume plenty of water with your alcoholic beverage at the dinner table.

Your dessert preferences can be baked apple-pear dessert, ice cream, milk dessert. After the meal, you can snack on vegetables such as raw cauliflower, carrots, and colorful peppers to avoid getting too many calories. You can prepare a small bowl of nuts and dried fruits for yourself. You can make a plate of yogurt and olive oil appetizers.

Effects of excessive nut consumption

Nuts protect heart health with the unsaturated fatty acids they contain. If you consume nuts next to fruit, you will provide blood sugar control. However, since the amount of calories and fat is high, it is necessary to pay attention to the amount of portion.

Let’s not forget the children on New Year’s Eve

While creating the New Year’s menu, let’s not forget to cook the dishes that our children love. The presentation of food is very important for children. When choosing a food, they pay attention to its color, smell and appearance. Instead of frying, you can use boiled, baked and grilled methods. You can choose sugar-free lemonade, ayran, compote as a beverage. Instead of sauced meat, chicken, fish, you can make meatballs or without sauce. You can cook carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, and vegetables that he likes in the oven. You can make nutrient-rich chickpeas and yoghurt salads, meatballs, zucchini spaghetti with minced meat, baked hash browns, milk dessert, apple-pear dessert. You can cook healthy snacks. You can make potato, zucchini and apple chips in the oven by using spices at home instead of ready-made chips.

How should nutrition be on the first day of the year?

Excessive alcohol intake disrupts the water balance in the body, causing more fluid excretion. For this reason, you should drink 2.5-3 liters of water after drinking alcohol at night. On the first day of the year, after having a light breakfast away from pastries, you can gift yourself a walk in nature. Spicy foods make it harder to get rid of edema and can increase pain if your stomach is upset. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables with high antioxidant content helps to remove toxins. You can prepare a menu with a salad made with einkorn bulgur, mung beans, quinoa, and ayran. Ayran; helps to restore your fluid and electrolyte balance.

Our special recipes for the New Year;

Quinoa Balls with Vegetables for Breakfast (for 2 people)

1 cup cooked quinoa/bulgur/baked beans

2 eggs

1 cup of your favorite vegetables (spinach / zucchini) (120 g)

1 cup of curd cheese

salt and pepper

A delicious new recipe for quinoa… The ingredients are combined in a bowl. 15 to 20 minutes gently

It is baked in a greased 200 C oven for small cake tins. You can eat it hot or cold. This

You can also make our recipe in the evening.

Detox Soup – for 2 people

1 zucchini

2 handfuls of peas

1/2 medium onion

1 medium carrot

1/2 lemon

1 tablespoon of olive oil

Little salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper

Dill for chopping on top

Chop all the vegetables. Cook with 5-6 glasses of water. Add the spices and pass through the blender.

Finely chop the dill and sprinkle it on top.

Snow Balls (15 Pieces)

18 dates

4 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa

4 tablespoons of coconut

Seed the dates and cut them in half. Put 4 spoons of cocoa, 2 spoons of coconut on the dates, add a little water and pass them through the blender. Then knead into 15 small balls. Sprinkle coconut on it and leave it in the fridge for 2 hours. 55 calories each.

We wish you a healthy, happy, peaceful and fit year.

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