Should I Have My Child Have the Newly Released Meningitis Vaccine?

Should I Have My Child Have the Newly Released Meningitis Vaccine?

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We see that the parents are confused about the meningitis vaccine, which has been applied for the last 1 year in our country. In fact, we often encounter such processes in every new vaccine. Do I need to have this vaccine? Are there any side effects? Does it apply in other countries? Is it an effective vaccine? … questions such as always come up. After a certain period of time, as we get information about vaccines, concerns decrease and they are routinely applied.

Information that will answer the confusing questions on this subject;

Meningitis infection means inflammation of the membrane that surrounds the brain and nervous system. It is a serious infection that results in death. In addition, it causes serious complications during the course of the disease and can cause sequelae such as mental retardation, vision and hearing loss, and speech disorders. Many microorganisms cause meningitis. Meningococcus, which we call Neiseria Meningitidis, is one of the three bacteria that most commonly causes meningitis in childhood. There are subtypes of meningococcal microbe as A, B, C, Y, W135. The distribution and frequency of these types vary according to geography and countries. For example, type A is most common in Asia, and type B in some European countries. In our country, W135, B, A, Y types cause infection. Turkey,

Quadruple meningitis vaccine (Trade names Menactra, Nimenrix) effective against A, C, Y, W135 types of meningococcal infection started to be licensed in the USA in 2005. It is a vaccine licensed in approximately 65 countries. It has been implemented in Turkey since 2013. It has been reported that over 94 million doses are made in the world. It is applied from the 9th month. It is administered as two doses at regular intervals before the age of 2 and as a single dose after the age of 2.

The latest meningitis vaccine is an effective vaccine against type B of the meningococcal microbe (Trade name Bexero). It is recommended between the ages of 3 months and 50 years. The vaccine, which has been licensed as of November 2018 in our country, is not a new vaccine in the world. It was licensed in the USA for the first time in 2013, more than 20 million doses have been administered all over the world to date, and no serious side effects have been observed apart from the classical vaccine side effects. It is sold under license in 41 countries so far. It is applied free of charge and from the 3rd month in the national vaccination calendar in 9 countries, including developed countries such as America and England. Different doses and posology are applied according to the age of the child to make the first dose.

We recommend these two meningitis vaccines, which are not yet in the routine vaccination schedule of the Ministry of Health in our country. Since some parents are not aware of the latest meningitis vaccine and they have had the quadruple vaccine, they may be mistaken that we have had our meningitis vaccine. Therefore, in this article, two meningitis vaccines, which are in the special vaccine group in our country, are also mentioned.

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