The Most Reliable Depth of Anesthesia Measurement Method

The Most Reliable Depth of Anesthesia Measurement Method

2022-05-20 08:05:35/ Kategori : Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine)

BIS Monitoring
One of the most feared reasons for patients’ surgery is that they think they can wake up during the surgery. This is not possible with sufficient depth of anesthesia. Factors such as the patient’s physical characteristics, current diseases, and drugs used determine the amount of anesthesia drugs to be administered. In bariatric surgery, it is not sufficient to administer drugs according to the weight of the patient in order to obtain sufficient depth of anesthesia.

The most reliable method of measuring depth of anesthesia currently available is BIS. Bispectral index is a method that reports EEG findings numerically. It consists of combining wave components of different frequencies with spectral analysis. Measurements are made with EEG electrodes placed on the forehead. BIS monitoring is used to measure the degree of consciousness.

BIS monitoring is used in all bariatric surgeries at Istanbul Surgery Hospital.

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