Lung cancer

Lung cancer

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It is the abnormal growth of lung cells for any reason and the development of tumors. This happens in a long and insidious way. Early diagnosis is difficult due to its insidious nature. However, it is among the cancer types that cause the most deaths. However, when early diagnosis can be made, it is possible to achieve a normal life expectancy with new treatment models.

What are the causes of lung cancer?

  • The reason for 80-85% of individuals with lung cancer is the use of tobacco or tobacco products. Over the years, cigarette smoking leads to the change of cells in the lung and develops cancer. This group also includes patients with COPD, which is mostly due to the use of tobacco products. This exposure does not discriminate between sexes, and the risk is higher in women who smoke for a shorter period of time and with less intensity. Passive smoking also poses a significant risk and is included in this group.
  • Lung cancer is less common in non-smokers. The most important factors in this group are occupational (chemical or radioactive materials, asbestos, exhaust gas, coal or other mining dusts) and environmental exposures (asbestos, air pollution, radon gas polluting the indoor environment or fumes released from some substances used for heating). ) form.
  • Genetic changes may explain its more frequent occurrence in some families.

What are the symptoms of lung cancer?

  • The most common is cough. Prolonged cough that cannot be explained by any other reason; increase in existing cough, especially in patients with COPD
  • Chest pain, especially worsening with deep breathing, coughing-laughing
  • hoarseness
  • Unexplained weight loss, decreased appetite
  • Sputum production, especially bloody or rusty sputum or increased amount of sputum
  • Shortness of breath, increased shortness of breath in patients with COPD
  • New onset of wheezing

How can early diagnosis of lung cancer be made?

It is very unlikely to reach an early diagnosis with the patient’s complaints in lung cancer. The disease has progressed in the time most patients wait for their symptoms to subside. For this reason, it is recommended to scan the lungs at regular intervals with low-dose lung tomography without complaints in individuals at high risk. These risk groups are:

  • Individuals over the age of 55 who have smoked 1 pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years
  • Patients with COPD with a smoking history
  • Individuals with occupational or environmental exposures
  • Individuals who have a scar on their lungs due to another disease

Is it possible to treat lung cancer?

It is possible in patients who can be diagnosed early. These patients can mostly achieve full results with surgery and additional treatment models. Today, with new treatment models, the life expectancy of individuals with partially advanced diseases can be extended.

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