Refractive Surgery

Refractive Surgery

2022-05-20 10:05:39/ Kategori : Eye health

Refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism have been successfully eliminated with the Eximer Laser method for twenty years.

  • have completed the age of 18,
  • Eye number that has not changed in the last year,
  • Myopia up to -12.0 diopters,
  • Hyperopia up to +7.0 diopter,
  • People with astigmatism up to 6.0 diopters;

If all measurements are found appropriate after being examined by our specialist doctors, if no additional eye disease is detected and if the corneal thickness is sufficient, refractive errors can be corrected with Eximer Laser.

The retinas of patients with diabetes should be evaluated. Rheumatic diseases should be questioned. Contact lens wearers should remove the soft contact lens for one week and the gas permeable lens three weeks before the examination and should not wear them before and during the examination.

Before the examination, pupil size, corneal anterior-posterior surface maps, refractive error, uncorrected and corrected near vision at far and near are measured. If monovision is planned for the advantage of near vision after the age of forty, a vision test is performed if monovision is planned for the advantage of near vision in one eye. After that, drops that relax the eye muscles are dropped and the true refractive error is determined. In general eye examination, lid structures and eye muscles are evaluated. By determining whether there is a cataract in the lens inside the eye, the eye pressure is measured and the retina is evaluated. Risky areas such as tears and holes in the retina are surrounded by Argon Laser and strengthened. Excimer Laser treatment is performed after a certain period of time after the Argon Laser application.

All examinations are evaluated, the method suitable for the eye structure of the patient and the appropriate method are selected, taking into account the profession and age, and the surgery is performed at the appropriate time. The pupils, which dilate after the drip examination, return to their original state after a while.

Perfume should not be used on the day of surgery, eye make-up should not be applied. The operation is completed in 4-5 minutes with drop anesthesia. It is painless. The patient is asked to rest and not to touch his eyes, after being checked again and wearing glasses with ultraviolet protection. The face should not be washed.

Post-operative care and cleaning is extremely important. Detailed explanations are made and the patient is called for controls the next day and at scheduled times. Laser Surgery does not prevent other surgeries in the future. Sports played with a ball should be avoided for a while after the surgery. It can be corrected in appropriate eyes in near distant treatments.

In very high refractive errors, a lens can be placed in the eye. In such cases, additional tests suitable for this surgery are required.

If refractive errors remain after cataract surgery and the results of the examinations are found appropriate, laser correction can be made. It would be appropriate to make this correction after two months so that the number does not change.

If there is progressive cambering on the corneal surface, careful follow-up is required.


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